Officers and Board of Directors

Name Office Board of Directors thru
Valerie Wilson Director, President and Sidelight Editor 2026
Chuck Weimer Director, Vice President and Activities Co-Chair 2025
John Haid Director and Treasurer 2026
Ruth Camann Director and Recording Secretary 2025
Lynelle Schloerb Director and Activities Co-Chair 2024
Lon Wilson Director and Membership Chair 2026
Mike Mesi Director, Car Show Co-Chair and Publicity Chair 2024
Ken Kaczka Director and Legislative Co-Chair 2024
Sue Yearke Director and Sunshine Chair 2024
Barb Noonan Director, Car Show Co-Chief Judge and Policy & Procedure Chair 2025
Chuck Wolski Director and Legislative Co-Chair 2026
Jerry Ptak  Director and Webmaster 2025
Chuck Facklam Car Show Co-Chair and Property Chair  
Ray Noonan Car Show Co-Chief Judge  
Peggy Ptak  Activity Awards Chairman  
Candace Reed Split Club