Membership in the Lake Erie Region of AACA is open to all individuals who have a genuine interest in the antique automobile hobby.  To join the Lake Erie Region, you must also belong to or join the AACA National organization. 
Lake Erie Region membership dues are $25 annually, payable in November for the following year, and are due by December 31st. National dues are $45 annually.  Information about AACA National membership is available through
Your subscription to our newsletter, The Sidelight, will begin with your membership. 
For more information on membership, contact Lon at 716-873-6280 or print the following application, complete the information and mail it to
Lon Wilson
Lake Erie Region AACA Membership Chair
235 Villa Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14216.

Membership Application
for the Lake Erie Region of the
Antique Automobile Club of America

Spouse’s Name  
City / State / Zip  
Phone Number  
National AACA Number  

Birthday / Anniversary information is optional:

Birthday (month & day)


Spouse’s Birthday (month & day)


Anniversary (month, day, & year)


Do you own antique cars, trucks, motorcycles, or production and
classic automobiles?  If so, please fill in form completely.  

Manufacturer Year Model Cylinders Body Style

Name of Member Sponsor  (optional)

Make check or money order payable to LAKE ERIE REGION, AACA.  
Print this page, complete the information and mail it to:
Lon Wilson
LER AACA Membership Chair
235 Villa Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14216.