Activity Awards

To encourage member participation in our local and national events, members are awarded points for active participation in various activities over the course of a year. These points are tallied monthly, and published in the Skylight.  Members achieving 150 points in a year are awarded a plaque and a chip with the year of this achievement.  These awards are presented at the annual banquet.
Points are awarded as follows:

Event   Points Per
Attend Annual Banquet 15 Person / couple
Attend LER monthly meeting / activity 10 Each meeting attended
Bring an antique car to a LER tour / event 10 Each event attended
Enter a car in LER annual show 10 20 point max
Work at LER annual car show 10 Person / couple
Get a show sponsor for the LER car show 10 Person / couple
Attend an AACA national meeting / activity 10 Each event attended
Judge at an AACA national meet 10 Person / couple
Enter a car in an AACA national meet 10 Person / couple
Chair an event / activity 20 Each event chaired
Co-chair an event / activity 10 Each event co-chaired
Sign up a new member 10 Each new member
Write an article for Sidelight / Web Site 10 Per each article published**
Board Member 15 Year
Sidelight Editor 15 Year
Web Site Editor 15 Year

** Article must be written by person submitting the article. Copyright laws apply to all non-original material. Points not awarded for required monthly columns.